Just Say No!


Program 55
Production Year
1990 - 1991
Part 6 of the 10-part "Gulf Crisis TV Project" series: The Gulf War produced an historic level of military resistance in a very short time. What will happen to the conscientious objectors and the hundreds of dissenting GI’s in Germany who went AWOL rather than go to the desert? This program highlights military resisters and their families: from North Carolina to Frankfort, Germany and an inside look at the underground railroad of support in Western Europe. "The Gulf Crisis TV Project" series has become a historic testament to the potential of media activism. Hundreds of producers, media arts centers, activist and community groups, public access cable stations and PBS affiliates worked together under the concept of‚ "America's Angriest Videos". The series presents debate, analysis, performance and activisms from across the United States and abroad in response to the first Gulf War. Half of the series was produced in 1990 and aired nationally before the war began in an effort to open the debate and stop the imminent war in the Gulf. The second half of the series produced in 1991, was aired during and after the war. It further explores the issues examined in the first series and looks at the war's devastating impact.
Gulf War 1990