Behind Censorship: The Assault on Civil Liberties: Spring 1991


Series 12
Production Year
4h 41m
This series explorers how language and media are used as tools of social control, and how they can be used as weapons of resistance and liberation. For example, the initial program makes clear that the prohibition of selected images masks a much greater effort to limit women's reproductive freedom, to deny homosexuality and to maintain repressive control in African American and Latino communities. The series explores the debate surrounding government funding of the arts. The FBI's infamous COINTELPO program used to spy on, set up, assassinate and imprison thousands of Black and Latino activists is traced through the histories of Geronimo Pratt, Alejandrina Torres, Malcom X, Mumia Abu Jamal and others. Overall the series highlights the central importance to our lives and future of fighting for access to public media, to oppose censorship and the privatization of all media, the right of people to have their voices heard.
Media Studies, Gay Rights, Criminal Justice, Art and Politics, Feminism