Occupy Wall Street!: 2011


Series 45
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On September 17, several dozen people, mostly young, broke through the suffocating confines of electoral politics and one-off demonstrations to electrify protest against the ugly inequity of wealth and power that has become so flagrantly insulting and disgusting. The Occupation of Wall Street unleashed the pent-up anger and frustration of millions of people across the United States and inspired people throughout the world. Inspired by the rebellions against reactionary dictatorships that are rocking the Arab world, the Occupation had initially been proposed by the Canadian Media group AdBusters. Within a matter of days thousands of people joined the Occupation in Zuccotti Square (now Liberty Square) a one block long park stretching between the skyscrapers and the neo-classical tombs of "Wall Street" and the glass and steel towers of new World Trade Center. On October 5th 25-30,000 people, including unions, high school and college youth massed in Lower Manhattan in support of the Occupation. By the 4th week Occupations had spread to 70 cities around the country...and their numbers are increasing. The Occupy Wall Street Media Team has provided a live stream of events and have now created a 24/7 live and recorded reports from occupations across the U.S. Deep Dish TV has been on the scene, collaborating with Laura Flanders of Grit TV, Free Speech TV and the Occupy Wall Street Media Team.
New York, NY
Occupy Wall Street (OWS), Economic Justice, Human Rights, Direct Action