Lebanon: Nothing is Safe: 2008


Series 37
Production Year
5h 28m
"Nothing is Safe" slices through the layers of propaganda of the Lebanon War like a laser. A brilliant and crisply edited collection of voices and images. Essential viewing. – David Barsamian, Director - Alternative Radio About the Series: The devastation of Lebanon caused by the Israeli bombing of homes, schools, medical facilities, roads and bridges in southern Lebanon is horrific. The extent of this destruction and the loss of life went largely unreported in the U.S. media. As in Iraq, the public's field of vision has been sanitized to the human cost of the mass homicide. Hundreds of dead and maimed children cannot be reduced to numerical calculation. The destruction of much of Lebanon’s infrastructure cannot be simply quantified. Like the story spun about the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the U.S. media narration obscures the larger strategic reasons for this war and blocks examination of the U.S. agenda in the region, typically euphemized as defending Israel and “protecting American interests.” This series is based largely on interviews with ordinary Lebanese citizens, heart-wrenching stories of loss and determination against a backdrop of unimaginable destruction. In war it is not only the innocent civilians who suffer the most, their voices are the first and most effectively silenced. These programs let them speak. Programs in the Series: Disc 1 33 Days (70 min) by Mai Masri Filmed during the massive Israeli war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006, 33 Days follows the real-life stories of four people: A theatre director working with children, an aid worker who coordinated emergency relief efforts, a journalist for an underground television station, and a mother trying to cope with her new-born baby. A Summer Not to Forget (28 minutes) A plea against inevitable tides of amnesia. This time do not forget. Do not let these images fade. Mansour's film doesn't seek to explain the war or set it in context. Her first-person narration runs throughout but sticks by and large to facts and figures. This film is not for the faint of heart. Interview with Carol Mansour by Suzy Salamy (11 min) Disc 2 Samidoun (Steadfastness) (40 min) by Ana Noguiera A three part exploration: 1) of the destruction of Aitta Chaub, a south Lebanon village; 2) the life of those forced from their now destroyed homes; 3) how Lebanese businessmen perceive the motivation for the Israeli bombing campaign that destroyed their factories and warehouses. A Question of Balance (28 min) Produced and edited by Suzy Salamy, video by Ana Noguiera and Cathy Edwards. We often hear of "the destruction on both sides" caused by the war. Without minimizing the loss of any innocent lives or justifying "collateral damage, is that destruction comparable? The three segments in this program look at the destruction in both Lebanon and Israel. The July War (58 min) by Brandon Jourdan and Francesca Caporali Disc 3 Art In A Time Of War No Connection by Myriam Sassine (11:29) Breaking News by Hicham Jabber (9:52) Beirut 1982/2006 by Suzy Salamy (4:24)) You Can Come In by Mahmoud Hojei (22:38 min) From Beirut to those who love us by Beirut DC (3:45 min) Merely a Smell by Abi Samra (10:00) Dear N by Chantal (07:00) To the Lebanese Citizens by Ali Cherri (03:18) In Between by Nadine Ghanem (07:50) Slippage by Ali Cherri (11:40) Tank You by Ziad Antar (12:45) You Can Come In by Mahmoud Hojiej (22:38)
Middle Eastern Studies, War